AR-10 80% Lower Receivers

AR10 80 Lower Billet

We provide the best top notch quality in ar10 lower receivers and complete receiver sets. Come and have a look in our web site and grab the 80 percent lower receiver for sale. There is definitely no compromise on quality and customer service. We have customers who keep coming back to us because of our product quality as well as our way of maintaining the relationship with customers. Check out ar10 80 lower in our store and you will be happy that you made the right choice. Ar10 lower 80 is light in weight as well as with amazing features. This is made of billet aluminum which is not forged or doesn’t have castings. 

Hex allen wrench and set screw are included when you buy the ar10 single shot receiver. You will also see that ar10 design is unique with the oversized trigger guard, no logos, serial number or stamps. There is threaded detent pin spring hole in it. 

AR-10 80% Lower Receiver

AR-10 80% Lower Receiver


AR-10 80% Lower Receiver Key Features DP..

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